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Let's see if you are a good fit for Energize Nutrition Coaching! Together we can discuss your goals, I can tell you more about program options, and we can decide together if Energize Nutrition is the right approach for you. If so, we can also decide together which program option is best for your needs, goals, preferences and learning style!


Watch the video below to find out. Afterwards, if you have a few questions/want to discuss which program is best for you first, we can set up a call once you fill out an application! 

Melissa here!


Are you ready to commit to making positive changes in your life, stop under-fueling and obsessing over food, finally feel energized, and start crushing goals?! If so, my program is the fit for you!  I'm super excited about the possibility of working together through the nutrition coaching program that is best for you!


Learn how to:

  • Lose fat/build muscle WITHOUT restricting foods you love

  • Mindset shift to food freedom and body confidence

  • Find lifestyle balance at social events and quit diets for good!

There are currently 2 ways to access Professional Nutrition Coaching with me as your Registered Dietitian & side-kick! 

  1. Strong Over Skinny Nutrition Bootcamp Group Coaching Program (still provides 1:1 support)

  2. One-on-one Nutrition Coaching 3 month commitment

I take my client's success very seriously so I want to make sure we will be a good fit to work together.

What are your main goals for this program? (Check all that apply!)
Which program are you interested in starting?
Are you prepared to take action and the first steps toward hitting these goals today?
Is there anyone else that will be involved in this decision of you beginning nutrition coaching who should be on our call?

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch!

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