This is for the active individual that knows they need to fuel their body for performance, ditch the diet and start living their life. 

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Enrollment ends on January 16, so make sure to fill out your application with plenty of time before you miss out on this amazing group program!

Meet Your Coach!

Hi! I’m Melissa Conover, MS, RD and your Nutrition Coach inside of the Strong Not Skinny: Nutrition Foundations Group Coaching Program! I’m a passionate, dedicated dietitian devoted to helping people to trust their bodies and develop patterns of eating that help them to feel their best. 


After struggling with calorie restriction, over-exercising and bingeing patterns, I knew I never wanted to feel that way again. After working with a dietitian that helped me to understand how to fuel my body, I knew I wanted to help other people to feel better too by pursuing a career in dietetics. 


I believe that health starts with mindset & small habit changes that help us to function optimally. Food and exercise should be things that we look forward to every day, not areas for stress or dread. With the right tools and support systems, food can become a powerful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. From mindset to managing lifestyle factors, you’ll leave Strong Not Skinny: Nutrition Foundations Group Program with actionable solutions that will make you feel your best for life. 

Fuel your body.

Nourish your mind.

Energize your life. 

About Strong Not Skinny: Nutrition Foundations 

You're a goal-oriented person that knows you want to keep your body healthy so you can feel your best from the inside out. So you got a gym membership, started keto and just couldn’t stick with it. It was really hard and you found yourself wondering, “Will I have to do this forever?” You’ve been watching friends having successes with their diet and & fitness plans, celebrating every single win while you watch from the sidelines feeling overwhelmed and hungry. The loneliness of being the only person struggling feels isolating and hopeless. 


“Does anyone else feel this way?”  


Maybe you’re craving a group of likeminded people to bounce ideas off of and turn to for support. Maybe you’ve been thinking about implementing healthy habits, but feel confused about all of the information floating around on the internet. 


I have a secret for you. 


Big scary changes aren’t sustainable for long term health & wellness. 


The Strong Not Skinny: Nutrition Foundations Group Coaching Program is the perfect opportunity to learn healthy habits, implement mindset changes and learn about nutrition that fits into your lifestyle. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to celebrate wins, ask questions, participate in a community-style environment AND be held accountable to your goals throughout. 


This program is designed to help people that are struggling with food choices, desiring an active lifestyle and habits that stick for the long term instead of another short term solution. The best part? There’s even Q+A sessions so all of your burning questions will be answered throughout the program. It’s time for you to take control of your health, feel your best and walk away feeling empowered in your choices. 

This is for you if...

  • You're an individual that wants to be active, but struggles with consistency 

  • You’re ready for motivation and accountability from fellow group members who are working towards similar goals

  • You’re not seeing the results you want from your current routine 

  • You’re ready to ditch the diet and start living life to the fullest

  • You want to fuel your body for fitness performance, optimize your metabolism & utilize your recovery for growth

  • You’re ready to make peace with your body image and start treating your body with love

  • You’re ready to take a deep dive into your relationship with food & exercise 

  • You want to understand the role of different foods in a balanced diet 

What's included?

In Strong Not Skinny: Nutrition Foundations, you'll receive:

  • 8 Weeks Of Step-By-Step Support To Help You Understand Nutrition, Set Manageable Goals & Establish New Healthy Habits 

  • Weekly Zoom Calls To Cover Course Curriculum 

  • Q+A Sessions & Additional Trainings To Answer All Questions You Might Have

  • Exclusive Recipes, Pantry/Grocery List, Plate Audits & Example Plates For Every Occasion 

  • Private Facebook Community To Share Wins, Struggles & Ask Questions Throughout The Program

Curriculum Sneak Peek

Week 1: Mindset & Food Relationship 

  • We’ll start from the beginning and go back to basics. It’s never too soon for a refresher or to start rebuilding your relationship with nutrition from the ground up. We’ll explore what it means to have a true growth mindset, the 80/20 rule, track and incorporate nutrition strategies that you’ll stick with for life. 

Week 2: Calories & Portion Distortion 

  • Ever go to a restaurant and think, “This is a massive plate of food!” That’s incredibly common. We’ll discuss portion sizes and strategies to measure portions that don’t involve a food scale or measuring cups. Frazzled about fiber? Confused about carbs? It’s a lot of information! We’ll take a look at nutrition labels and you’ll learn how to read them the right way. 

Week 3: Prepping For Strength In The Kitchen

  • Have you seen those beautiful pictures of meal prep containers with the same food ready for every single day of the week? We don’t do that here. This week, we’ll learn about meal prep for busy lifestyles AND preparing meals that aren’t boring.

Week 4: Mindset For All Occasions

  • Do special occasions and holidays stress you out? I’ve been there. Together, we’ll develop a plan so you can feel confident at every event you attend because you’ll know you’re making the right choices for yourself. Dreading your holiday leftovers? We’ll talk about that, too. This week is all about setting you up for success. 

Week 5: Performance Nutrition & Q+A

  • I’ve seen you dabbling in the gym. Whether you love to stay active, you’re training for a race or have a strict lifting plan, nutrition will be so important for you to hit your goals. This week we’re talking about all things performance nutrition, recovery, injury prevention and more. 

Week 6: Hormone Balance & The Mood/Mind Connection 

  • I’ll bet that you didn’t realize your hormones and blood sugar balance play a role in the way you feel on a day-to-day basis. Factors like sleep, stress, caffeine intake and overall caloric intake can have an effect on the body’s hormone levels. If you identify as a woman, you’ll be even more sensitive to those subtle changes! The mood-mind-gut connection is very real & if hormones are throwing off your mood, your whole nutrition plan can go by the wayside. You’ll learn best practices for keeping your body in a state of balance so you’re never left diving headfirst into a sleeve of Oreos again! 

Week 7: Debunking Fad Diets + Tricky Marketing

  • Is your head spinning from all of the diet ads popping up every time you scroll through your social media feeds? I get that - it can be overwhelming! Consider this your open forum to ask any questions on your mind. We’ll also take a deep dive into marketing tactics and how to spot them from a mile away while you walk the aisles of the supermarket. 

Week 8: Habits For Life


  • Did you know that your stress could be preventing you from achieving your health goals? This week we’ll be discussing all things stress management and giving you solutions that you can reuse whenever life gets a little bit too hectic. 


"Melissa has touched on everything! She is wonderful - I've genuinely learned more through her than I ever have from any program or nutritionist. I used to weigh myself daily. I used to think "Do I have to starve today?" I used to be scared of carbs. Now, I've realized I need them for energy. Since working with Melissa, I've lost 8lbs and I feel prepared for my son's wedding!"

- E.I., Strong Not Skinny Participant


My blood test came back... my a1c was down, my sugar is now within normal range, I've lost 4lbs and my energy is up! This program has helped me so much with the support I get from my team, but most of all Melissa's knowledge and coaching." 

— D.C., Strong Not Skinny Participant

"I've definitely lost weight since my pants are fitting better, but my biggest win is finding myself trying to meet my 5 veggies a day goal! And now, instead of always having meat, I give fish a try! I've also become much better about my sleep habits - I get my 7 hours in no matter what!" 

— N.A., Strong Not Skinny Participant


"Strong Not Skinny has been great! The meetings were so informative and so were the Q+A sessions. I feel armed to make better food decisions when I'm out or at the grocery store."

— Anonymous, Strong Not Skinny Participant


Aren’t you ready to start feeling your best while making informed decisions about your health? It's time for you to feel confident & healthy. 

Your time is now. I'll be here to help you every step of the way. Click that button to sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plans available?

Payment plans are available upon request. Send me a DM on Instagram to @energizenutrition.withmelissa and we can chat about your options. If you're on the fence about signing up, I want you to consider this: Can you afford NOT to take control of your health?

I don't currently exercise, is this for me?

Sure is! Of course exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but the other 23 hours of the day when you're not exercising are SO important! Inside Strong Not Skinny: Nutrition Foundations, we'll explore different options for healthy movement. You can be successful at any level of physical fitness because you'll learn how to make it work for YOU, wherever you're starting from.

I have a dietary restriction, is this the right group coaching program for me?

Yes! The strategies you'll learn inside of this program can be personalized to most dietary restrictions so you'll feel confident swapping foods with ease AND getting in all of your nutrients!

Does this include 1:1 coaching with Melissa?

This is a small group coaching program where you'll have the opportunity to interact with other participants. There are no 1:1 calls in this container. However, during Live Q+A, you'll have the opportunity to get your specific questions answered!

How long is the program?

This group coaching program runs for 8 weeks.

How will I be supported between calls?

Between calls, I'll host weekly Live Q+A to answer questions about the topic of the week. As you work towards your goals, it's normal to have questions come up and I'm so excited to support while you work towards your goals. You can also use our group to ask questions where you'll receive direct answers from me. I encourage all participants to share their wins and their struggles so the community can support each other!