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I've helped so many people not only overcome their nutrition struggles but also their mindset issues when it comes to fueling their bodies. Below are just a few things that people are saying!

Wedding Goals! 

Sarah started with Energize Nutrition with a goal to lose fat in a healthy way by her wedding. She learned how to develop healthy, LASTING habits while creating balance AND nourishing her body. Not just for aesthetics (because skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy) but also for optimal nutrition AND that "tone" a bride looks for (muscle definition!) !!! Sarah lost fat, gained muscle, and has continued to maintain, telling me she feels more energized and stronger than ever--even increasing weight while lifting in the circuit breaker class!!

Now, 2+ years after both her wedding, and from graduating Energize Nutrition Coaching, this is what Sarah has to say:

“Melissa’s program changed my mindset about dieting and food. She taught me about portioning rather than cutting out all the foods that I loved. I am a dessert junkie and rather than cutting out desserts in our weekly sessions Melissa would give me tips on how to portion the sugary foods or limit them to certain days. She did all of this too without judgment and always an encouraging and positive attitude! Those tips and tricks she gave me helped me lose 15 pounds in the 6 months before my wedding! She was one of the main reasons I felt like a princess in my dress! I am very thankful for her program and the useful, real tips and tricks that I still use to this day almost two years later!”"



“Before working with Melissa I had trouble getting my period regularly and wanted to have a baby with my husband. A Doctor I saw just looked at me and told me I was eating too much, had to cut out sodium completely, and just eat a few peanuts and an apple. They didn’t consider any of my allergies, preferences or intake which I was upset about! Then I started working with Melissa. 

Melissa immediately sat with me, and she saw I actually wasn’t eating enough! I felt like I was finally seen and heard! While working with her she helped me fuel my body, improve my energy, get back to exercising without much pain due to my arthritis, get my period back, and I got pregnant. I now have a beautiful and healthy baby boy! Thanks, Melissa”

-A.P. (Graduated 1:1 Client)

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On the scale, I did lose around 20 pounds. But I have more importantly been able to keep it off through consistency and hard work. Other signs off the scale include clothes fitting better, feeling more energized throughout my days, and getting stronger.


 One of the things I saw that interested me when looking at Melissa’s program is that there are generally no restrictions. I don’t have to ever feel bad about eating a slice of pizza or donuts. But I also balance it out with eating veggies, fruits, and protein. I can also eat any carb I want instead of following some restrictive diet.


Melissa incorporates her personality into her coaching, and is always available for any questions.. I noticed she has really studied your craft and loved how knowledgeable she is about nutrition. I can tell Melissa really cares about her clients and always has their best interest in mind.

Joining Melissa’s program would be well worth it, in my opinion. People from all backgrounds and activity levels would benefit. I strongly believe everyone can use a coach to help them advance to their next level. You’re also guaranteed to learn a couple of new things along the way as well.

It has been an awesome experience working with you, Melissa! Thanks for all your help along the way. If anyone reading this is on the fence about getting started, I would highly recommend talking to Melissa!

-D.M. (Graduated Client)

"I am so thankful to Melissa as I feel that my view of food and nutrition is completely different. I am not worried about falling off the wagon once! It's not a big deal! The most important thing is a consistently sustainable approach! And that is what I finally got to understand."

-M.A. (Graduated Client)


Before working with Melissa: Tried fad diet after diet, restricting intake to 1300 calories or less most days, lacking energy, performance struggling, no confidence building his plate, stressed at events, unsure of how to balance a social life, abnormal bloodwork lab values”

Results from Melissa’s program: Down 11.5 pounds, waist down 2.5 inches, bicep and chest size increased gaining lean body mass, eating closer to 2400-2500 calories. Bloodwork lab values are normal again, and his Doctor is very happy with results. Eating more than ever before in a strategic way specific to lifestyle and needs, as well as receiving education from Melissa, his performance is now thriving and has more energy overall. There is now confidence in building a plate for performance, at events, and in any situation, he is in. This goal crusher is showing up in his entire life, as well as for his wife and kids more than ever before!


"I was eating less than 900 calories most days, hopping from restrictive fad diet to fad diet feeling sluggish and low in energy, and unsure of why I was even trying to take control of my nutrition.

After I started working with Melissa I ditched the restrictive dieting for good. Now I'm eating 1500 + calories, energy is high, gained muscle and I'm feeling educated and confident making choices for my specific needs. I'm feeling GREAT."

"Stepped on the scale today, down 13 lbs. Very happy with it. As I skipped two days of working out and felt that I was overeating for a couple of days. However, it seems my metabolism back on track"

-Anonymous (Graduated Client)

"I started working with Melissa because I was feeling stuck. I was working out and not seeing results and I felt like I was eating right but not losing weight. I wanted more energy. I wanted to be healthier. Melissa helped me learn that I wasn't eating correctly. I was restricting my calories and not really paying attention to what I was putting into my body. Sometimes more is better as long as it's the right "more". I now have a better knowledge about food in general. I enjoy food, have more energy, and feel like I am getting more out of my workouts."

-J.F. (Graduated Client)

"After today's check-in, one thing that stuck out to me is that I need to remind myself why I am even doing this. The main reason being I genuinely feel great. That has a lot to do with my energy levels, which are fueled by what I eat and the things that Melissa has encouraged me to do since we started this ride. "

-J.H. (Graduated Client)

"So over the years with a lot of "yo-yo dieting," I was totally convinced that my metabolism is completely screwed up. After all, I am a middle-aged man, this is what happens, slower metabolism, right?!! I mean I am almost 6 ft and 240 lbs. I would work out at least 5 to 7 times a week. I burn at least 1,400 calories a day between exercising and being active a day according to the many fitness trackers I have had. Yet, if I ate more than 1800 calories I'd pack on the pounds. To lose weight, I would go on "a little girl diet" as I was teased about it before. Which typically didn't exceed 1200 calories a day with almost no carbs. Maintaining the same amount of activities and burned calories. It was brutal!

Even worst, not sustainable! Once I would eat 1700 to 180 calories I would gain back the weight. I approached Melissa after I followed her on Instagram for a while. I talked to her about my history and concerns. "You need to eat more! You are not eating enough! It is counterintuitive, I know! But you've got to trust me!"... and I am glad I did.

I started following her directions and long story short, I am eating more, having more energy, taking more rest days of the gym and lost about 14 pounds. I don't deprive myself of anything. I eat carbs, protein, and fats. Before my birthday, she actually told me to eat cake!

I am so thankful to Melissa as I feel that my view of food and nutrition is completely different. I am not worried about falling off the wagon once! It's not a big deal! The most important thing is a consistently sustainable approach! And that is what I finally got to understand."

-M.A. (Graduated Client)


are you

I help you incorporate all foods into your diet without sacrificing your goals. We not only work on nutrition in quick and easy ways that fit your busy lifestyle but also all aspects of your life because when you fuel your day, that pours into the rest of your life in the best way! Are you ready to level up physically, mentally, and emotionally and become the best version of you?!


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