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I understand how frustrating it is to see tons of information in the media that makes you feel cutting out fun foods and following generic, restrictive diets are the way to go.. I was there too!

That’s why you are provided with high accountability, education, and high level support through the Energize Nutrition Coaching program option that is best for you!

The best part is, it’s conveniently all virtual.. think of me as your pocket dietitian and side-kick!


Energize Nutrition Coaching meshes science with an ENTIRE life approach so you can learn how to CONFIDENTLY make choices that fit into your day specific to you in the easiest ways! No, you don’t have to weigh every gram of food and only eat boring restrictive meals to get results.  We not only work on your food intake, but I first take a full assessment of your entire lifestyle, because it’s all related to nutrition and also important to understand how to make a plan unique to your preferences, schedule, and must-include nights for memories!


We work to fuel your body for optimal performance, improved energy, and an improved relationship with food for overall health. You can have bread and ice cream or waffles, and STILL, crush your goals!  

Through a flexible approach to nutrition, with a mindset shift focus, and learning the WHY behind your UNIQUE nutrition needs, you can reach attainable goals and maintain long-term results.

You DESERVE an individualized plan that is sustainable not just for 30 or 90 days, but until you’re 90+ years old! 

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Strong Over Skinny Nutrition Bootcamp

Best Value Program  Community Aspect + 1:1 individual counseling

In this Online Group Nutrition Coaching program, you will build on your nutrition foundations to create lifestyle habits that stick for the long term instead of another short term solution.  The best part? There are weekly roundtable live zoom sessions with hot seat coaching, so even though it is a group program you still get a 1:1 coaching aspect AND group accountability.


The best of both worlds for the best value! It is the perfect opportunity to learn healthy habits, implement mindset changes and learn about nutrition that fits into your lifestyle. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to celebrate wins, ask all of your burning questions throughout the program, participate in a community-style environment AND be held accountable to your goals.  It’s time for you to take control of your health, feel your best and  "graduate" the program feeling empowered in your choices. 

To learn more about what's included specifically, the investment, and to sign up for this all inclusive program, click below!

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"Loved The Class. I'm glad I did this, I learned so much. It was really fun and I can't wait to see changes. Thank you Melissa for everything so far I can't wait to see what's next"

                      -Robby W

individual coaching

1:1 Nutrition Program

This is a higher level investment and higher level commitment, with limited spots! If you are looking for individual help and have very specific needs/requirements, or just simply want the privacy of working together 1:1 without a group setting to take a deep dive into your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle, this program is for you. In my 1:1 nutrition coaching, you and I can discuss your specific bloodwork and I can provide you with a medical nutrition therapy intervention around it.  Moreover, if you have a history of disordered eating, which will require a more personal program around healing, working together in this capacity is highly recommended. You are provided with check in calls throughout the program, and also have access to personally message me 24/7 with questions, concerns, barrier, and to share your wins.


still on the fence?

"If anyone reading this is on the fence about getting started, I would highly recommend talking to Melissa! Joining Melissa’s program would be well worth it, in my opinion. People from all backgrounds and activity levels would benefit.


I strongly believe everyone can use a coach to help them advance to their next level. You’re also guaranteed to learn a couple of new things along the way as well.

It has been an awesome experience working with you, Melissa! Thanks for

all your help along the way."

-D.M. (Graduated client)

If you want to start nutrition coaching to level up physically, mentally, and emotionally but aren't sure which program is for you and would like to discuss options in deciding which program is best for you, let's set up a call!


I am here to support you in making the best decision for yourself. I'd be happy to share information and answer and questions or concerns you have about your goals and the program options.


If this is the case, click the apply button and we'll set up a call, OR  you can simply scroll to the bottom of this page and send me a message that way!! I will respond as soon as I can! 

are you

I help you incorporate all foods into your diet without sacrificing your goals. We not only work on nutrition in quick and easy ways that fit your busy lifestyle but also all aspects of your life because when you fuel your day, that pours into the rest of your life in the best way! Are you ready to level up physically, mentally, and emotionally and become the best version of you?!



Self-study Masterclass

1Hour Pre-recorded expert training

This Self-paced pre-recorded Masterclass is a jam packed 1 hour expert training to learn how to go from the all or nothing in your nutrition to balance and boundaries. Find the middle ground & get the best of both worlds by hitting and maintaining your health goals AND eat the foods you love. This is a one hour training includes a healthy recipe, dining out guide examples, and Q&A answering questions you may have too! A great way to dip your toes into this approach to nutrition to find what works best for you in breaking through those mindset barriers, physical challenges, and obstacles holding you back from your goals, and instead get the tools in this training to add to your toolbox for long term success!

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"I started following Melissa's directions and long story short, I am eating more, having more energy, taking more rest days of the gym and lost about 14 pounds without focusing on it. I don't deprive myself of anything. I eat carbs, protein, and fats. Before my birthday, she actually told me I can eat cake!"

- M.A. (Graduated Client)

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